First10EM on a brief hiatus

Over the last 6 years, a lot of people have signed up to hear what I have to say about emergency medicine. For that I am incredibly thankful. I am especially thankful to the special group of individuals who have decided to support this site financially through Patreon. This site wouldn’t exist without all of you.

Although First10EM is really just my hobby, I know many have come to expect regular updates. This is just a quick update so that all my followers know that regular content will definitely return in the near future. However, my little boy (Theo) decided to come 6 weeks early, and we are spending a lot of quality family time in the NICU right now. (I will probably have a lot to write about the incredible team work I witnessed during his neonatal resuscitation. I am so thankful to everyone who helped him and my wife that night.)

I am not sure how long a break I will take. First10EM is still a priority, but definitely not my top priority. Be assured, there is lots of content in the pipeline.

In the meantime, there may be a few post from other authors. I have published a number of guest post in the past. If anyone out there has topics that interest them, or have come across papers that you believe everyone needs to hear about, I am open to accepting high quality articles that fit with the First10EM ethos. If you are interested in publishing on First10EM, use this contact form. (I think I have time to act as an editor, but don’t expect incredibly quick replies.)

Thank you for all your support, and I look forward to getting back to FOAMed content as soon as life allows it.

All the best,


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