Foohey’s Figures


The scariest topics, one step at a time.


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Quick resources for those topics that are time-consuming to look up.

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Why Foohey's Figures

Dr. Sarah Foohey is a community emerg doc with a passion for medical education. During her first three years of practice, Sarah revamped and lead the exam-prep curriculum for her local EM residents. She also loves facilitating sims (check out the Virtual Resus Room, her online sim education project). Sarah likes to boil down complex, uncommon, or overwhelming topics into simple-to-use, concise summaries.

Foohey's Figures can be useful on shift, help you prepare for an EM exam, or allow you to quickly review a topic that might make you a bit (or a lot) nervous.


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These resources are intended to be used as reference, for study aids or as teaching tools. This information is not intended to be used to establish "standard of care" in the legal sense. I make every effort to ensure up to date and high quality materials, but no guarantee is given regarding the accuracy of this content.