I have never accepted money from any drug or device company. There are no advertisements on this website. I fund First10EM entirely with personal funds.

When I link to books that I recommend on the site (all of which I have read and enjoyed) I will use an amazon associates link. This link pays me a small commission, but gives you the product at the exact same price. I really appreciate this small support for First10EM. If, however, you feel uncomfortable with that, just open amazon yourself and search for the product.

I am a strong supporter of the “no free lunch” movement in medicine, and as such have taken the pledge:

“I am committed to practicing medicine in the best interest of my patients and on the basis of the best available evidence, rather than on the basis of advertising or promotion.  I therefore pledge to accept no money, gifts, or hospitality from the pharmaceutical industry; to seek unbiased sources of information and not rely on information disseminated by drug companies; and to avoid conflicts of interest in my practice, teaching, and/or research.”

Any of the biases evident on this site are born out of my own personal beliefs, and not financial conflicts of interest.

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