No new post this week

Thank you to everyone who continues to read this blog! I have managed to have a new post up every week for the last year. Including weeks with multiple posts, I have created more than 75 blog posts accounting for more than 150,000 words over the last year. Considering that this is my hobby, I think that is quite a lot, and I have decided to use the long weekend in Canada to give myself a week off. (If anyone out there has actually read all 150,000 words, you will also probably be thankful for the vacation.)

More content is already scheduled for next week, but if anyone really wants some FOAM content before then, let me recommend some of my favourite ever-green posts from that past, that may be new to the many thousands of subscribers who have joined the ride in the last year:

That is all for now. Regular content will be back next week.

Thank you to the incredible people who support First10EM through Patreon. Their contributions are what make this website possible. I can’t begin to thank them enough. If you feel like donating the equivalent of a coffee a month to help keep this educational content coming, you will have my eternal gratitude:

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