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I have long been a huge fan of the free and open access medical education (FOAMed) system, first as a consumer and now as a creator. Unfortunately, however, FOAMed isn’t actually free. In addition to the time dedicated to creating content, there are numerous (and increasing) costs that result from running a website. The idea is to always keep First10EM free and ad-free, which is only made possible by the amazing individuals listed below. Thank you so much to everyone who supports First10EM!

Our Patrons (updated rather irregularly)

Islam Bedaiwi

Andrew Sue-A-Quan

Carol Balster

David Zira

Dr. Carolyn Rosenczweig

Garreth Debiegun

Gaurav Puri

Georgios Diakidis

Gustav Klimušev



Martine Dupuis

Roisin McElroy

Sarra Keene


Zachary Aust

Amy Yonts

Bernardo Vidal Pimentel

Casey Woster

Kasemsuk Yothasamutr

Mark Hauswald

Peter Tagmose Thomsen

Simon Olewicz

Thatcher Friant

If you prefer to make a one time donation, you can do so through PayPal.

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