Introducing Foohey’s Figures

I am extremely excited to announce that First10EM is gaining a new section and an amazing new partner today. Dr. Sarah Foohey (@SarahFoohey) is an incredible medical educator who will be joining the First10EM team with a new section called “Foohey’s Figures”.

When I first invited Sarah to join the team, it might have been fair to describe her as “up and coming” in the medical education world, but it has taken me so long to finalize this project that she is now clearly a shining star. At this point, I am sure almost everyone has used her incredible Virtual Resus Room for online simulation education. If you haven’t, I suggest stopping right now and checking it out. I have used it for everything from small group medical student education to international conferences, and the platform is superb.

By itself, the Virtual Resus Room is a massive contribution to the medical education world. It provides more value than most academics will produce in a career, and the platform is completely free for everyone to use. However, despite my love of the Virtual Resus Room, it isn’t actually why I invited Sarah to be a team member. I don’t know how she possibly finds time, but in addition to building the world’s premier online simulation platform, she also produces a steady stream of superb educational summaries on twitter. 

One of the main goals of First10EM has always been to make complex topics as simple as possible. (My need for this tells you a lot about my intelligence.) For years, Sarah has produced graphics that beautifully summarize key emergency medicine topics. These were shared on twitter, but I always selfishly wanted them stored in a single location so they would be easy to find. That is why we are creating the “Foohey’s Figures” section of First10EM. It will be a repository of Sarah’s images – high quality medical education distilled into easy to read graphics.

The images will always be available on First10EM, but they are also a perfect format to download to your phone for quick reference. You can also access Foohey’s Figures directly through

There is a great selection of figures already on the website, and there are many more to come. I hope you enjoy these graphics as much as I do. Sarah and I would definitely appreciated any feedback you have on the new section.


As a quick example, I have included a few of my favorite images below:

Approach to Bradycardia in the Emergency Department
Approach to Paraphimosis

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