COVID-19 resources

COVID-19 resources First10EM

All anyone is talking about these days is COVID-19. There are already some amazing FOAMed resources out there, such as Josh Farkas’ Internet Book of Critical Care, or the epic post by Salim Resaie on REBELEM. I am not going to reproduce any of that. I just wanted to share the best COVID-19 resources I have found to date; the sites I am turning to on a daily basis. I will continue to update this page as this crisis unfolds, so feel free to forward me web pages and papers that you find particularly useful. (Also, I will be honest, I have been so busy I have lost track of a lot of the great resources I already found.) The research and evidence based medicine stuff will be coming shortly in their own posts. Stay safe out there friends.

First10EM COVID Posts

COVID airway management: SAS consensus statement

COVID Resuscitation Principles

COVID Ethics: Should clinicians see patients without appropriate PPE?

Chloroquine for COVID: No good evidence yet

Surviving Sepsis Campaign COVID Guidelines

Antivirals for COVID19 – Not ready for clinical use

COVID Research Roundup

Aerosols, Droplets, and Airborne Spread: Everything you could possibly want to know

Aerosol generating procedures

Aerosol and Surface Distribution of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19)

Droplets spread more than 2 meters (a systematic review)

FOAMed: The Best Overviews

The Internet Book of Critical Care – COVID 19

REBEL EM – COVID-19: The Novel Coronavirus 2019



WHO: Clinical management of severe acute respiratory infection when novel coronavirus (nCoV) infection is suspected

CDC: Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Patients with Suspected or Confirmed Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Healthcare Settings

Surviving Sepsis Campaign – COVID 19 guidelines

Airway management

The Safe Airway Society guidance (I review this paper here.) (There is also a brilliant podcast discussion between Casey Parker and Tim Leeuwenburg – one of the authors of this paper.)

Cardiac Arrest

Advanced life support (ALS) for COVID patients - UK
Top 5 Protected Code Blue Messages from St Mike’s Hospital

Maps and Trackers

At this point, most of the maps are probably irrelevant, aside from morbid curiosity. It is everywhere, and we completely missed the boat on containment.

CHIME is an incredibly cool tool from Penn medicine than lets you plug in your own numbers to predict the future volumes at your own hospital. (It only really works for me on a desktop computer.) It is explained here.

The Johns Hopkins Map

The WHO map


CDC world map

Simulation and Education

EM Sim Cases: COVID part 1 and COVID part 2

St Emlyn’s: Sim training for coronavirus (and more)

Simulation out of St Paul’s hospital in Vancouver using “Glow Germ” to assess PPE

LITFL: COVID-19 airway management: better care through simulation

List of resources on Sim One

General Resources

The Society of Critical Care Medicine COVID-19 Emergency resources

Canadian specific resources

Public Health Ontario COVID-19 resource page

Health Canada COVID resources

Emergency department resources

My protect code blue / intubation guidance

St. Mikes has some useful resources here.

The excellent COVIDcriticalcare site from the folks at William Osler

POCUS cleaning protocols from the Canadian POCUS society

Rapid (Reliable) News Updates

Brief 19 – a daily briefing of COVID 19 research

WHO rolling updates

Patient information

There are some beautifully designed patient information handouts created by the emergency team at St. Mikes hospital in Toronto.

PPE Stuff

N95 decontamination information

Other FOAMed COVID-19 Resources

EM:RAP has been putting out amazing content, and making it all open access. It is all being gathered here.

BroomeDocs: Airways, Safety and Strategy for SARS-CoV2 

The first EMCases podcast (about diagnosis and management) was great, and it sounds like there are more to come. Part 2 is about surge capacity strategies. Part 3 is about PPE. Part 4 is about protected intubation.

Incredible insight from Italy from Roberto Cosentini on St Emlyn’s

PPE video from UHN:

Some great videos from Scott Weingart on airway management and setting up our BVM the right way:

Good protected intubation video:

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