Articles of the month (November 2016)

It’s that time again. Sure, there may be a lot to do during the month of December, but what better way to procrastinate than to grab a mug of hot chocolate, sit down in front of the fire, and read about some evidence based medicine….

(If that doesn’t sound appealing, you could toss in some earphones while you do your holiday shopping and listen to me and Casey ramble about these papers in the audio version on the BroomeDocs podcast.) Continue reading “Articles of the month (November 2016)”

EBM Lecture Handout #6: Salter Harris 1 Injuries

The traditional teaching about Salter-Harris 1 injuries goes something like this: Because the injury is directly to the growth plate, these injuries will be invisible on x-ray. In children, ligaments are stronger than bone, so if there is pain near a growth plate, we should assume that it is an injury to the bone not the ligament. Therefore, we should cast (or splint) all children with tenderness near the growth plate, regardless of x-ray findings. This myth is based on a few misunderstandings, which are outlined below.  Continue reading “EBM Lecture Handout #6: Salter Harris 1 Injuries”