Pediatric Vital Signs

The most accurate, evidence based range of normal pediatric vital signs that I know of are from Fleming 2011:

Heart rate

normal pediatric vital signs - heart rate
normal pediatric vital signs vs PALS heart rate

Respiratory rate

PALS normal vital signs

The more common vital signs you will encounter are from the PALS guidelines:

AgeHeart rateResp rateSystolic BP
1 month110-18030-5070-104
3 months110-18030-4570-104
6 months110-18025-3572-110
1 year80-16020-3072-110
2 years80-14020-2874-110
4 years80-12020-2678-112
6 years75-11518-2482-115
8 years70-11018-2286-118
10 years70-11016-2090-121
12 years60-11016-2090-126
14 years60-10016-2092-130


Fleming S et al. Normal Ranges of Heart Rate and Respiratory Rate in Children from Birth to 18 Years of Age: A Systematic Review of Observational Studies. Lancet 2011; 377: 1011-18. PDF

More quick reference resources.

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