A photographic break from COVID

The last few months have been pretty stressful for all of us. Our lives have been defined by rapidly changing protocols, worldwide PPE shortages, significant uncertainty, and, or some of us, large numbers of critically ill patients. To make matters worse, we have largely been cut off from our family and friends right when we need them most.

A good friend of mine, Dr Ian Summers (an emergency doctor from Australia who uses the Twitter handle @IanMeducator), told me he wanted to do something to bring a little bit of joy and beauty into people’s lives. Ian and I both really enjoy photography. Ian is a true professional (he has been the official photographer of the SMACC conference) and I have long admired his images. I am definitively an amateur, but have been lucky enough to find myself in a few places around that world that are so beautiful that photographic skill isn’t all that necessary.

Ian suggested that we share some of our photos as an escape from COVID. We hope that they provide a connection with nature while we are all stuck inside. We hope that they provide a connection to the world, after all our travel plans have been cancelled. We hope that they offer an opportunity to let COVID and the hospital fall out of your mind for a few calm moments.

We have shared the full sized files for each of the images below, with the idea that healthcare workers can use them however they please. Keep them on your phone. Use them as a desktop background. Print them out and hang them on your wall. We hope they give you pleasure. We really appreciate everything you do.

(WordPress automatically resizes images, so if you want the full size image for printing or a high definition screen, they are all here.)

Photos by Ian Summers

You can find more photos by Ian on Instagram.

Photos by Justin Morgenstern

You can find more of my photos here.

I don’t really understand Instagram, but I keep meaning to post more photos, so if you like my photos, it might be worth following me on instgram as well, or you can see new images on 500px.

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