Quick reference for those topics that are time-consuming to look up.

Must Know Medications

All the Drugs and Doses you need quickly.

Must Know Meds: Peds

All the Neonate & Peds Drugs and Doses you need quickly. You’ve got this.

Electrolyte Replacement in the ED

Are you tired of looking this up? So was I.

Antibiotics for Cellulitis

Antibiotics guidelines change and are region-specific. This was updated June 2022 and applies to the Toronto area. Local antibiotic recommendations might vary.

Blood Pressure Targets

The BP guidelines you need, summarized.

Anion-Gap Metabolic Acidosis

A citrus-y pathophys-guided memory aid, for those of you who just can’t seem to remember MUDPILES.

Body Fluids: What to Order & How to Interpret

You carefully and skillfully collected your fluid sample. Now what?

Sgarbossa Criteria

A practical approach to those can’t-seem-to-stick criteria.

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