Resuscitation Videos

resuscitation videos

This is a collection of the resuscitation videos that I find most useful for quick on shift teaching or rapid review while working. Although airway is an important part of resuscitation, it is a large topic, so airway videos get their own page here.

Other resuscitative video will be found in the procedures section. For example, if you are placing a pacemaker, you can see this post, and the videos are here. Your resuscitation may also require a review of some ultrasound videos.


A beautiful example of closed loop communication in the movie The Man with Two Brains

Defibrillation pad placement

Double sequential defibrillation

Vascular access

IV access

Ultrasound guided IV

Ultrasound-Guided IV 5 Min Vid

Intraosseous (IO) access

Intraosseous: Humeral

Rapid IJ aka Easy IJ

Central lines

Important central line micro skills


Arterial Line

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